We get asked many questions regarding the safety and effectiveness of our services. We have provided a quick guide to a few of the most common questions we receive.

Q: Will this hurt my pets?

A: Our products are focused solely to deal with the pest of your home. We know how important pets are to households (Michael and Josh both have at least 2). We will never use a solution that will hurt your fur babies!

Q: How quickly can you come?

A: Being a local, family-owned business we pride ourselves on serving our community well. If needed, we can be out to your home within a week’s time.

Q: Can I be there when you come?

A: YES! Most of our services you can watch and ask all the questions you want. We love to talk and meet new people.

Q: Do I have to be in the house while you are here?

A: Not at all. We have gained the trust of many of our clients who just leave a key or tell us their door code because they don’t want to be there. Some are just too busy to come let us in and we totally understand!

Q: You just came yesterday! Why am I still seeing bugs?

A: Most of the treatments we use requires the insects to pass through it. Don’t worry though, we are highly skilled in knowing exactly where they travel. Which means it won’t be long for your home to be bug free!

Q: Who will come to my house?

A: We’ll send out one of our certified technicians, and they will be in touch with you every step of the way. To ensure you feel comfortable (and not have to re-explain your situation each time), we’ll send out the same person each time.

Don’t see your question here? Head to our contact page, and we’ll get it answered right away.